Mingles of Tarlach

Age: Late 20’s to early 30’s

Height: 4’9” (144.8 cm)

Date of Birth: Unknown (Shares traits with a Leo)

Specialty: Entrepreneur

Little is known about Mingles, and all that is known is all speculated to be rumor. She got involved with the Dragon Warriors by striking up a deal with their leader, Skye Ailenanch, supplying the women with endless, necessary supplies. Although her part of the group is secret and thus unofficial, she is highly appreciated, and considered a friend. She takes more of a lead in matters off the field, rather than Skye, but always allows Skye to make the final decision. One may consider her the group’s real leader.

Mingles owns a personal shop full of many goodies helpful to Milletians and other warriors alike, granting her a lot of wealth. Although shockingly short in size, she carries herself well, being extremely charismatic, charming, friendly and clever. She is always cool as a cucumber, and loves to push people’s buttons and tease them. Her ability to reel customers into sales make folks speculate she is a witch, and she puts them under brainwashing spells. There is a heated debate whether she is a camouflaged Succubus, Milletian or a Tuatha Dé Danann. However, despite her tight grip on her customers, she never rips them off or deceives them, earning her money the most respectable way. This at least means she has a strict morality. Mingles does not allow any information of herself to slip, the only thing she admits is “at Mingles, prices dwindle~♪”

It does not appear Mingles has any skills, or any strengths. She is not a fighter, but a civilian.

Her trademark color is royal purple.

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